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Bhajan singer par excellence Anup Jalota today is a very happy man. He has been able to realise his childhood ambition to produce a film.He has produced 2 Hindi films “Hum deewane pyar ke” & “Nishaan” ; another 4 are already under production out of which one is a Bhojpuri film. His maiden venture as a producer ‘Hum Deewane Pyar Ke’ starring Ronit Roy and Harsha Mehra has just been released, with Amitava Bhattacharya as the director. Anup has not only composed mellifluous music for the film,but also makes a guest appearance in it.

He went ahead and produced the film inspite of stiff opposition from his family and friends alike, because he was determined to make a name for himself as a producer of a romantic film with accent on emotion, with melodious music. Why did he set out to produce a film in the first place when singing is his passion? According to Anup, a shopkeeper who sells soaps manufactured by others will dream of starting a factory which will manufacture soaps. A journalist will dream of starting a newspaper on his own. Similarly Anup wanted to expand his horizons as a singer by launching a musicalfilm so that he could reach a wider audience.

He clarifies that he did not set out to make a film just to promote himself as a singer. According to Anup if that were his motive, he would also have composed music for his second film, Sanam O Sanam, starring Vinod Khanna,Reena Roy, Ronit Roy, Harsha Mehra and Indrani Banerjee. Instead he signed on Nadeem and Shravan, who were riding in the high crest of success then, to compose music for the film. He adds that till today, his perennial favourites among the music directors are R.D.Burman and Madan Mohan. Anup signed on a new director like Amitava Bhattacharya to direct ‘Hum Deewane Pyar Ke’ because he is of the opinion that an established director does not necessarily churn out a hit film. Big films with top stars and big time directors have flopped in recent times.

He says there is no guarantee that a film will click at the box office in a big way if you sign on big stars and big directors. Today he is of the opinion that it is the script which is the biggest star of any film.

He adds that new faces are like ‘bandh mutthi lakhon ki’. You never know what is in store when you present new faces. He is appreciative of Subhash Sagar, Ramanand Sagar’s son, for coming forward to release his film Hum Deewane Pyar Ke, even though it consists of not- so-well-known faces like Ronit Roy and Harsha Mehra. Though Anup is keen on composing music for films, he is unable to devote time because he is busy with his various singing commitments.

He says that he it is not that he does not want to sing for films. He has been singing off and on. His bhajans are liked all over the world since he is involved when he is singing them. Similarly, he says, if he is involved when he sings for films, he is hundred percent sure that people will like his songs. His songs in ‘Hum Deewane Pyar Ke’ have been well received.Anup is determined to make more films. He says that ‘Hum Deewane Pyar Ke’ was made in just four months but its release was delayed because he could not devote time to the nitty-gritties of production. He is glad that he has made a clean, entertaining musical without making any compromises.