Upcoming Events

As events and concerts continue to grow as an indispensable part of popular public entertainment, Anup Jalota emerges as one of the hot favourites as a celebrity for performing live at concerts and stage shows. With the lucrative entertainment market on par with that of India, he continues to be an international favourite with house packed shows in major metros across the globe.
Most concert organisers & event management companies both in India & abroad are extremely happy to patronize his services for live performances not only because his charm & vocal skills seem to blend with the audience’s enthusiasm, but more so because of his strictly ‘no-tantrum’, professional and co-operative attitude with event organizers.

Currently, apart from launching a new album every year, he plans to emerge as one of the leading megastar performer in the Indian entertainment sector.He believes that his completely organized approach & meticulous preparation for each event / concert, fused with his god gifted voice & professional enthusiasm, would not only augment music lovers’ delight but would also ensure total value for money for event organizers & management companies.
Corporates, organisers & event management are interested in patronizing his services can contact him at anupjalotasemail@gmail.com